The Serpent's Breath

Map & Directions Below 

If you’ve enjoyed the Serpent’s Tongue but want something even windier, well, hang onto your garters, here we go north off of the Serpent’s Breath! I worked for a year in Little Hocking, OH on the Ohio River, and the views around here are incredible, but the quality of road can be impacted by truck traffic. As always, check for updates on maintenance.

From Reedsville, OH at SR 681 and SR 124 look north and follow the river to Little Hocking (or just jump on SR 555 at the Hwy 50 intersection). Now, the 4 lane is an option, but for backroaders like me, you can also turn right just before Hwy 50 and stay on East Belpre Pike to reconnect with SR 124 at Newbury Rd. SR 124 had a landslide by the Ohio River that disconnected it years ago, so this way is a cheat, and you might prefer to get on with touring. Your choice. The back roads are an option, and worth it, but I will probably send most riders/drivers by the Hwy just for simplicity of directions. If you manage to stay on Newbury and join SR 124 again, you can cross the 4 lane directly onto Clifton Rd which will dump you out onto the Serpent’s Breath - the Triple Nickel, otherwise known as the bucket-listers’ SR 555.

Follow SR 555 north (carefully!) through Cutler and Bartlett into Chesterhill, OH and stop at the ever-lovin’ Triple Nickel Diner (hi Kathy!) and be sure to eat the HOMEMADE pie first! Then have a nice meal and some coffee or tea to finish up. It’s a radical group designed to make sure there is always enough room for pie - Desert First! Then back onto SR 555 to Ringgold and hang a right on SR 78 almost to McConnelsville, but turn south or right onto SR 377. Stay on 377 to Sharpsburg, then stay straight onto SR 550 all the way to Athens and Hwy 33.

Do yourself a favor and stop in Amesville at Park’s Place on the corner with SR 329 across from the gas station. Get the pie first. Then dig into some of their excellent grub! The pecan pie was the best I’ve had since leaving Iowa 30+ years ago. Chewy and not-too-sweet and flaky crust and not too large a slice. With fresh whipped cream and Dirty Girl coffee. Oh my, that’s some pie!

You can choose your own adventure from there, or just stay straight under the highway onto Columbus road and stop at Devil’s Kettle Brewing Co for a celebratory libation.

You’ve toured the Serpent’s Breath and made a great day of it. Just under 90 miles and 2.25 hours, not counting pie and lunch.

Turn by Turn Directions:

North on SR 124 to Hwy 50

East on 50 to SR 555 - The Triple Nickel!

Stay to Chesterhill (PIE!!!)

Continue to Ringgold

Turn right onto SR 78

Right onto SR 377

Forward onto SR 550 (stop at Park’s Place for pie!)

Athens and Devil’s Kettle dead ahead!

Around 90 miles or 2.25 hours (minus pie).

The Smiling Skull is a Biker’s Bar on the other side of town - your feet’ll stick to the floor, but it’s got all kinds of atmosphere!