The Serpent's Haunch

Map & Directions Below

So south and west you go now - starting in McArthur, head west on Hwy 50 to SR 327 and hang on because you just slipped back in time. The road follows the contours of the land, it undulates and respects large farm property lines. You’ll jump on SR 788 to get to Jackson. Take a moment. Eat a bite. It is a nice little town that has dusted itself off and is showing its class.

From Jackson follow SR 139 to the Ohio River near Portsmouth - take a side trip into Portsmouth to see the oldest motorcycle club in Ohio’s Mural. Turn east on SR 52 just to SR 140 and head back for the hills. Join SR 93 and follow it all the way back north up to McArthur. A worthy adventure. Keep in mind that SR 93 can carry heavy traffic - including trucks - and make yourself very visible and keep your eyes peeled. Accidents on this road happen so often that the locals warn that it is a death trap. Not for you, of course, because you will ride defensively.

128 miles and just over 3 hours

Turn by Turn Directions: