The Serpent's Wings

Map & Directions Below

So the Serpent’s Wings will delight and enthrall any who have visited the iconic area of SE Ohio known as the Hocking Hills. The map is in 2 pieces - as wings come in 2s generally and I could not make all the twists and turns on google maps in one fell swoop. I will admit that I have a bit of an in here, as my husband grew up just north of Logan, OH in the Hideaway Hills private club (mostly working stiffs back in the day - more summer homes now). He started riding motorcycles around the area at the tender age of 11 (youngest child - just ran pretty free) and is on tap now to help me find the most scenic and interesting ways to meander through the rolling hills of Hocking County and charge directly through the best the Hocking Hills has to offer. There is also a driving route with more fun twisty paved road adventures available through the Visitor’s Centers (as well as lodging suggestions if you got shut out of the romantic glamping of Blue Heron Run at the Serpent’s Chin). You literally cannot go wrong, though you can end up on gravel occasionally if you stray from the curated 2-lane paved routes.

For all of your motorcycle repair and modification needs - try Top Dog Performance Motorcycles just off SR 664 by Millstone BBQ. They have a clean little shop with long open hours for the riding season. Have any kind of repair, Mike can help you out. And you can sit at a nearby restaurant for a nosh while he sets you up!

Wing 1 - Starting from Lake Hope (if you missed BHR Glamping) take SR 278 (divine!) to SR 56 left or west (pretty sweet) to the town of Starr, OH and turn right onto SR 328 north to Logan (divine! whoopsies galore!). Stay straight over Hwy 33 onto Maysville-Williams Rd (CR 17 - I guess they couldn’t decide so they shared???) for lovely sweeping curvy touring of the best rolling hilly farmland around Logan. At SR 93 hang a left, then right pretty quickly onto SR 668. Accelerate. Brake. Wend and wiggle. Repeat.

Hang a left onto Marietta Rd SW all the way to Bremen (stay left at corner), then left onto SR 664 south out of Bremen (formerly a major gas & oil town) and then left onto SR 312 all the way back to SR 93 south to Logan. Now there are shorter ways to get around this area, but are you here for the convenience or the asphalt? These wings soar. They flap. They take you to the land of yesteryear and bring you back, wishing you had a grandparent or aunt with an old farmhouse, barn, and piece of sky for you to visit in the area. Stay a few days. Grab a piece of serenity. Visit Blue Heron Run to see the stars with no frills but a real bed in a real big tent and plenty of firewood.

Next, turn right out of Logan onto SR 664 north and “gulp” gird your loins for some fun dips and divots. Watch for the Daubenmire’s Used Auto Parts sign and go straight onto Hide-A-Way Hills Rd (different spellings depending on how you search). Here’s where you can veer left onto Rock Stull Rd for a Sidewinder if you don’t mind broken up pavement/gravel and wish to find the most hidden treasure of the Hocking Hills Area - Rock Stalls. You will turn in at the top of the hill, park, and hike for about 3/4 mile into the most deserted, inviting, and peaceful of the rock & water features of the area.

Or skip rough roads and hiking and stay forward on Hide-A-Way Hills Rd for a lovely bit of swooping curves to Savage Hill Rd left to Sugar Grove Rd left and on to the intersection with Hwy 33. Hook south on 33 and I highly recommend this! turn right at Clear Creek Rd by the Sunoco and ride through Clear Creek Metro Park. It is priceless. It is clean smelling. It reeks history. It is full of Serpent’s Bones (rocks) that are unparalleled. It has a lake, birding, wading - take those nasty boots and socks off and dip your toes. Take pictures by the kick-ass rock features. When you leave the park and hit an intersection, turn around and ride it again. No wait, little traffic, amazing and convenient dip into natural beauty. Then return to Hwy 33 south to Rockbridge for a shopping and eating break - or even a zip line tour through the trees. And that is the first wing! Celebrate.

Wing 2 - So from Rockbridge it is a pretty straight (read crooked - check out the map!) shot through the Hocking Hills. Keep in mind, this area is heavily trafficked (unlike most of the other Serpent Routes) especially during spring, summer, and fall and weekends all year around. Turn south on Hwy 33 just a tick, then right onto SR 374. Amaze yourself with your driving skills but keep your speed to what you can see - the road does all kinds of things you will not anticipate. Stay on SR 374 as it meets and diverges from other roads, all the way past much of the best that the Hocking Hills has to offer. When you get to SR 56 turn right to the Ash Cave Parking area for a pit stop (BYOTP - bring your own toilet paper) or go forward to Jimbo’s just past the intersection with SR 664 for a burger and a beer.

Either way, off of SR 56 just east of South Bloomingville, turn south on Goosecreek Rd and follow it south past cock fighting rooster farms to a left on Curry Rd and left again on Hwy 50 to McArthur. The world is your little tiny easily accessed oyster from here! Revisit the Serpent’s Heart, Coil, Scale, or save it all for another day. You can mosey back to Lake Hope via 50, SR 677, and SR 278. Or check in for romance at Blue Heron Run a few miles further east. Relax. You’ve toured this. Kick back and reminisce. Tomorrow is another day and another mile or 100 of sweet SE Ohio Touring. Prost!

Turn by Turn Directions:

First Wing - just under 80 miles and 2 hours.

Second Wing - just under 60 miles and 1.5 hours.